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KoopasisxBowser by Chaosdragon123 KoopasisxBowser :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 2 4
Keep Going
When I log in, I wish to see the latest talent from someone.
When I check my messages, I want to see my favorite artist do their best.
When a deviation is removed, I'm sad because the world has no soul.
When I add a favorite to my collection, I see the potential an artist has.
When it is a drawing, I see a new Mona Lisa.
When it is a written piece, I see a new Edgar Allen Poe in the making.
That is why I'm a proud deviantArt member and I'm saying happy birthday deviantArt.
You're not just a place where people show off their art, you're a place where the next master is ready to be start.
:iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 7 0
Mature content
Morrgian Aensland Expansion :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 5 5
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 0 9
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 1 0
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 1 0
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark
Curse of the Black Coffin
Chapter 9: Tomb of the Lies
After four hours, the creature finally woke up. John and Julie were ready for a fight but the creature just looked at them with a dull expression on its face and did nothing at all.
"Is it going to attack us or what?" Julie asked John.
"Maybe, its now just a docile creature now." John responded.
"Well, what do we do with it?" Julie asked.
"I don't know." John stated. "Lets just keep going".
While the two went off to the next area, they had notice that the creature was slowly following them.
"It's still following us" Julie said worryingly.
"Just ignore him." John shot back as they reached the next area. Closer to the castle, it was a entire town that is set apart in a maze like function. With no where else to go besides forward, they continued on the way to the castle.
The maze was very difficult to traverse because a wall would appear to block the way. Mirrors dotted the area which made it more conf
:iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 0 0
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 0 9
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 0 6
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 0 6
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 0 4
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 0 21
I'm like him? by Chaosdragon123 I'm like him? :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 3 24 Female NiGHTS Fan Art by Chaosdragon123 Female NiGHTS Fan Art :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 3 3
Mature content
The Adv. of Johnathan Zihark :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 0 6
Mature content
Hata Futte Parade Chaos Style :iconchaosdragon123:Chaosdragon123 1 13


Lifestyles With MINERVA MINK(TM) EP. 38
The following episode of LIFESTYLES OF MINERVA MINK(R) is rated
14+ LV
It may contains Course Language, Violence, Rude Humor and Thematic Elements
It may not be suitable for much younger readers.
(theme plays)
Created by Tom Ruegger and Shrekrulez
Series Development by CREATIVE ARTS, INC. (R)
Original Story by: SHREKRULEZ
Written and Story Directed by: SHREKRULEZ
The evil organization workers came in the chambers or the most ruthless
relative of Pimpy Jenkins is none other than Lance Jenkins
the brother of the late deceased brother of his is making the meeting right now.
LANCE: Gentlemen, this conference is about one certain woman.
And she ain't human.
MALE WORKER #2: My Mother in Law? She's disgustingl
:iconshrekrulez:SHREKRULEZ 4 6
Society of Maidens Ch.6: Child's Play
Society of Maidens Ch.6: Child's Play
Alexis was waiting near the Industrial Illusions Headquarters. She was very busy trying to get everything worked out and everyone where they needed to be. The students would go in and take over the building and convert the people inside. Meanwhile the members from the city would go out and convert more members nearby, to have the area fully under control. Alexis sighed, “Why does it have to be so hard to get everyone to work together.” She had to deal with constant arguments between some of the members like Jade and Ashley or the ego of a certain student. “Skyla! Where are you going?” Alexis caught sight of Skyla who was heading out towards the city. “I’m not getting stuck in that building. With all those people, how am I supposed to shine? I’m a one man show, now if you will excuse me I got fans to entertain.” Skyla mockingly blew Alexis a kiss and sauntered off.
It nearly cost Alexis her sanity buy
:iconmiragesand:MirageSand 21 62
Mature content
Fat mobian girls chapter 6 :icondemonlord98757:Demonlord98757 5 0
REQUEST: A Love Love Snack
A Love Love Snack
Requested by Dragonball4evermore
No matter how hot summer gets, the vast blue and shining ocean is always guaranteed nice cool air for ship riders.  
Walking at the edge of the port is sixteen year-old Dylan. He just got out to smell the ocean breeze and stare at the sparkling blue that stretched almost infinitely.  
"Ahh," Dylan sighed. "This feels great. I feel like I'm already out in the sea. I always wonder what it's like to sail out in the world. A nice cruise? Maybe an encounter with pirates?"
After another deep breath, he walked along further until he came across an old looking hut sitting at the dock's edge. Out around the corner, though, he saw something sticking out from behind. Curious, he proceeded to the back of the shack and saw a large black ship with red borders and sails.  
"Wow!" Dylan exclaimed. "What a ship. I wonder if no one would mind a look."
He found a ramp and climbed up to the ship's deck. He looked around and was startled to
:iconninetailwyndfox:NineTailWyndfox 66 7
Substitute Teacher
Kyle was a bad teenager. At school he was the worst as he was always fighting and getting into trouble. One day his teacher had had enough of his foolishness as she was tired of always arguing with him everyday so one evening in detention.
"That stupid bitch!" Kyle said to himself sitting in his chair looking out the window.       "Ugh, i'm so hungry he said out loud. As his female teacher continued to read her newspaper.
"Well next time don't be such a smart mouth." She said as she pulled out an apple out of her bag and set it on her desk.
"Ugh." Kyle said putting his head down.
"I'll be back Kyle now sit here and try to behave." She said as she got up and left the room.
When she was gone Kyle had looked up to see the big red apple she had left on the desk. As he looked at it his stomach growled more and more until he found himself getting up and walking over to it.
"Well she won't mind I mean we have vending machines." He said picking it up and rubb
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 336 31
Jen 10
Jen 10
By Tgmaster99
Ben Tennyson had just woken up from a nice sleep; it was so far an alien free week and he was able to get some peace and quiet.  The night before, he had gotten a call from Kevin asking him to come over to Gwendolyn's house in order to see a new piece of alien technology he had gotten earlier that week.  After he got dressed and ate breakfast he had left to go to Gwen's and see what this new piece of alien technology was and what it could do.  When he got there he could see that Kevin was there already, he had went in and went up to Gwen's room to see Kevin and her in there.  "Well it is about time." said Kevin "You guys were probably only waiting about a couple of minutes anyway." said Ben "Well anyway let me show you two what I have recently gotten." said Kevin.  Then Kevin pulled out a strange megaphone looking thing "It is a voice modulator." exclaimed Kevin "Like the ones you see in toy stores?" asked Gwen.
:icontgmaster99:tgmaster99 168 14
Bad Luck Spiderman
Bad Luck Spiderman
It was a dark night in New York City. Nothing happened, except for a few leaves blown through the air by the autumn wind.
Then the sirens started. Within a heartbeat the entire police was out on the streets.
The central bank had been robbed!
Peter was reading a book in his room, when a whole row of police cars passed by.
“Huh?” He ran to the window and saw the last car passing around the corner. “What on earth is going on?” He switched on the TV.
He searched for a speed news channel. When he found one, the reporter was just telling what had happened:
“The central bank has been robbed. Apparently Doc Oc is on the move again. We strongly recommend that everybody stays at home, until this is solved.
Live from the crime scene: Reporter Jenny, News around the clock”
Peter had seen enough and switched off the TV.
’Better stop that madman…’ he thought by himself.
Later, on top of a building near the central b
:icongobbokilla:GobboKilla 150 59
Mature content
Daybreak's Chrysanthemum (Akebono TG AR) :icondshittyadmiral:DShittyAdmiral 33 1
Mature content
Americans' Dream (Iowa TG) [TRADE] :icondshittyadmiral:DShittyAdmiral 65 3
Mature content
Alexandra and the Ghost Train :iconmark-of-the-wolf:Mark-of-the-Wolf 7 0
A Calming Sensation
Thomas had been the only one in the house for a couple hours now. It was a Saturday night, two of his roommates were out partying, Steven was nowhere to be seen as per usual, and his little sister Melinda wasn’t back from the gym yet. It was such times that Thomas liked to take advantage of the empty house, becoming Maryanne for a couple hours and practicing piano. With two heads working in tandem, learning had become a breeze for her. It was one of the reasons he’d been able to turn his life around so fast. Being able to retreat into his room, grow a second head and two more arms made him—or her once the change was complete—incredibly productive. His study time for anything was literally halved, and this applied to his music practice as well.
Her piano skills were still incredibly basic, only able to play little more than chords in a rhythm as an accompanying tune, but it was her singing that was really starting to shine. All four hands light on the keyboard, h
:icontfghostwriter:TFGhostWriter 14 3
Mature content
Wild Times in the Cabin [Tigress TF/TG] :icontfghostwriter:TFGhostWriter 18 3
Cabin in the Woods - Chapter 1
It was a nice spring afternoon, the 2 friends Demi and Eileen had decided to go on a trip through the woods... but they would soon notice they were walking through a part of the forest that neither of them had ever seen. 
Demi was a curvy and normal sized girl at 1.70m , she was sporting large D-cups and her large hips accentuated her ass very well. Her ebony hair was wavy and reached just past her shoulders, her chestnut-colored eyes didn't stand out much, being her only Italian feature she had, with her grandma being from Italy. She was wearing her dark jeans and her white blouse patterned with black butterflies all over it. She soon adjusted her red glasses and looked over at her slim friend. 
Eileen was a tall and slender girl, which was even more noticable with her 1.75m in length. Her dark brown hair was slightly longer than Demi's and her brown eyes fit perfectly with it. Not wearing make-up, her freckles always showed very nicely, her pearly white smile was the pretti
:iconmaster-tf:Master-TF 13 1
Wildlife in the Cabin [Tigress TF/TG]
Two days before New Year's Eve the cold snap hit. This year it was particularly bad, the temperature dropping below minus forty before the windchill, driving all but the most stubborn people inside. The only reason Thomas and Steven were in the vehicle was they'd already paid the deposit for the chalet. The one, albeit small, upside was that Thomas’ dad had offered them his truck for the trip. He didn't trust them to drive the hour in a car in the conditions, plus the truck was new and unlikely to break down.
They were about halfway to their destination, and the sun was only just starting to creep above the horizon, at ten in the morning. It was dark and cold, and Thomas loved it.
“I'm starting to think I should have brought snowshoes.”
Thomas glanced back over his shoulder from the driver’s seat. It was Jess who'd spoken, Steven’s little sister’s friend. Five of them occupied the vehicle, the two guys, Melinda and her two friends.
“They should
:icontfghostwriter:TFGhostWriter 20 2
Mature content
Samantha Bugs Out! :iconfiddleman77:fiddleman77 43 0
Mature content
Scales, Stripes, and Sexting [TF/TG] :icontfghostwriter:TFGhostWriter 24 3


I'll be starting a little fan-fiction of a series that I thought wasn't getting enough good fan-stories out there.  I'll reveal more in due time! If you want to read it when it comes out: Thanks for the support! Don't like the story and don't want to read it: Fine don't read it, no skin off my back.


United States
Current Residence: Dark Dim. Castle
Favourite genre of music: Many Types
Favourite style of art: Most Any Kind


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